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The Confessions of Saint Patrick and Letter to  CoroticusThe Confessions of Saint Patrick and Letter to Coroticus
John Skinner
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Aside from his recognition as the patron saint of Ireland (and for having chased some nonexistent snakes off the Emerald Isle), little else is popularly known about Saint Patrick. And yet, Patrick left behind a unique document, his Confession, which tells us much about his life and his Christian belief.

This autobiography, originally written in the 5th century, is an intruiging work that takes a glimpse into the life of a fascinating man and his testament of faith. Here, in this new edition from internationally acclaimed translator John Skinner, the character of Patrick, his era, and his world vividly come to life. Also included in this volume is the only other document known to have been written by Patrick, a letter he wrote to the soldiers of Coroticus (also Christians). John O'Donohue provides an insightful foreword that re-creates the unique spirituality of Patrick and of the Irish people, and shows how it applies to our lives today.


St. Patrick of Ireland: A BiographySt. Patrick of Ireland: A Biography
Philip Freeman
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St. Patrick has often been regarded as a man principally created from myth and legend. But in St. Patrick of Ireland, Philip Freeman brings the historic Patrick and his world to life. Set against the turbulent backdrop of the British Isles during the last years of the Roman Empire, you'll read the story of the real Patrick, shorn of legend, a man whose deep spiritual conviction and devotion helped to transform a country. 216 pages, softcover.

How the Irish Saved CivilizationHow the Irish Saved Civilization
Thomas Cahill
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In this delightful and illuminating look into a crucial but little-known "hinge" of history, Thomas Cahill takes us to the "island of saints and scholars," the Ireland of St. Patrick and the Book of Kells. Here, far from the barbarian despoliation of the continent, monks and scribes laboriously, lovingly, even playfully preserved the west's written treasures. With the return of stability in Europe, these Irish scholars were instrumental in spreading learning. Thus the Irish not only were conservators of civilization, but became shapers of the medieval mind, putting their unique stamp on western culture.


Discovering Saint PatrickDiscovering Saint Patrick
Thomas O'Loughlin
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The search for the "real" St. Patrick has puzzles and intrigued scholars for centuries. How much can we really know about the life and times of Patrick? This new study takes a look at the myth and reality of St. Patrick, including what made him famous, gave value to his writings and produced the interest that is still in us. 254 pages, softcover.


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