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Following Jesus in a Culture of FearFollowing Jesus in a Culture of Fear
Scott Bader-Saye
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The twentieth century has been referred to as the Age of Anxiety. Similarly, the first decade of the twenty-first century ushered in a "culture of fear"---especially in a post-9/11 world. Scott Bader-Saye helps us counteract this destructive force in Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear.

Divided into three sections (Diagnosis, Antidote, and Recovery), this work draws insights about fear from medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas. Furthermore, Bader-Saye stresses the importance of sharing our fears in ecclesial communities, where we can develop courage. Most important, Bader-Saye notes that a reclamation of God's sovereignty will help us reframe our lives; the doctrine of providence not only assures us that the fragments of our lives will cohere into a narrative unity but also demonstrates that God is our Provider.

A timely and applicable resource, Following Jesus in a Culture of Fear will resonate with academics, church leaders, and church members. Instead of allowing your own or others' fears to motivate you, you'll be encouraged to forsake an "ethic of safety" for an "ethic of risk." This new way of living manifests itself in hospitality, peacemaking, and generosity. Each chapter includes questions for discussion.

Untamed HospitalityUntamed Hospitality
Elizabeth Newman

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* Christian hospitality is more than food and fellowship. It's also an extension of our relationship with God that should affect our economic, political, and public lives, says Newman. Dispelling modern myths of hospitality as a superficial commodity, she restores it to its rightful place within God's story---displayed most fully in Jesus Christ. 240 pages, softcover from Brazos.

Living the Sabbath: Discovering the Rhythms of Rest and DelightLiving the Sabbath: Discovering the Rhythms of Rest and Delight
Norman Wirzba
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Our traditional understanding of Sabbath observance is resting from our otherwise harried lives one day a week. But in Living the Sabbath, Wirzba leads us deeper into the heart of Sabbath with a holistic and rewarding interpretation of what true Sabbath-keeping can mean in our lives today. Wirzba teaches that Sabbath is ultimately about delight in the goodness that God has made---in everything we do, every day of the week. He then shows how this understanding of Sabbath teaching has the potential to elevate all our activities so that they bring honor to God and delight to the world. With practical examples, Wirzba unpacks what that means for our work, our homes, our economy, our schools, our treatment of creation, and our churches. In doing so, he examines everything from the way chickens are treated in our food industry to the value of family mealtime.

In the end, you'll be equipped with a deeper theological understanding of Sabbath, as well as down-to-earth ways to live it out in your daily life. Living the Sabbath will appeal to clergy and laypeople alike who are seeking ways to discover the transformative power of Sabbath.

What about Hitler? Wrestling with Jesus' Call to Nonviolence in an Evil WorldWhat about Hitler? Wrestling with Jesus' Call to Nonviolence in an Evil World
Robert Brimlow

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Must Christians always turn the other cheek and resist violence? Is it ever justifiable for Christians to retaliate in the face of evil? Philosopher Robert Brimlow struggles with these questions in What About Hitler? Brimlow skillfully integrates meditations on Scriptural passages, personal reflections on his own challenges to live nonviolently, and a hard-hitting philosophical examination of pacifism and just-war doctrine. Both Christian pacifists and defenders of just-war theory will appreciate this book. In addition, What About Hitler? will appeal to those interested in Christian ethics and discipleship, including students, pastors, and laity. Featured in softcover with 272 pages from Brazos Press.


Reclaiming the Body: Christians and the Faithful Use of Modern MedicineReclaiming the Body: Christians and the Faithful Use of Modern Medicine
Joel Shuman, Brian Volck

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In our age of advanced medical technology that emphasizes health and well being, the human body has become the near-exclusive province of the professional health care industry. The solutions it proposes and the judgments it pronounces are taken as gospel. As Christians however, we are called to view all of life, including medicine, through the lens of faith. In Reclaiming the Body, a physician and a theologian take a critical look at some common assumptions and explore what theology has to say about medicine, our bodies, and our health. This is not a Christian treatise on medical ethics nor a book with a medicine-bashing agenda. Rather, Reclaiming the Body invites the reader to a theological and ecclesiological reflection on both the human body and the Christian body in an effort to reframe the relationship between Christian faith and medicine. Along the way, the authors discuss contemporary issues such as what it means to fully care for the sick, children and reproductive technologies, medicine and the poor, and our obsession with and pursuit of physical perfection. Featured in softcover with 176 pages from Brazos Press.


Sidewalks in the Kingdom: New Urbanism and the Christian FaithSidewalks in the Kingdom: New Urbanism and the Christian Faith
Eric O. Jacobsen
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Interview, Excerpt

There has been much ink spilled in the evangelical community about "claiming our cities for Christ" and plenty of lip service given toward addressing urban concerns. But according to author and pastor Eric Jacobsen, this discussion has remained far too abstract. His Sidewalks in the Kingdom challenges Christians to gain a practical, informed vision for the city which includes a broad understanding of the needs and rewards of a vital urban community. Building on the principles of "New Urbanism," Jacobsen emphasizes the need to preserve the nourishing characteristics of traditional city life, such as shared public spaces, mixed-use neighborhoods, a well-supported local economy, and aesthetic diversity and beauty. Pastors, city-dwellers, and those interested in urban ministry, politics, and community development will be both encouraged and informed by this highly insightful resource. Featured in softcover with 192 pages, from Brazos Press.
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