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Gregory of Nyssa: The Life of MosesGregory of Nyssa: The Life of Moses
Gregory of Nyssa
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St. Gregory of Nyssa, one of the great Cappadocian fathers and bishop of Nyssa is increasingly seen as one of the most brilliant and profound thinkers in the mystical tradition. In The Life of Moses Gregory retells the story of Moses's life taking from the biblical narrative found in Exodus and Numbers and then using these stories to create profound spiritual lessons. Out of these teachings, Gregory encourages fellow Christians to lead lives of virtue that will inspire all who hope to increase their knowledge in the love of God.

On the Soul and Resurrection (Popular Patristics)On the Soul and Resurrection (Popular Patristics)
St. Gregory of Nyssa
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The resurrection of the body, perhaps more than any other Christian doctrine, requires us to face the implications of faith for our personal lives and for our understanding of the world. This issue faced St. Paul in his dealing with the early church and also troubles St. Gregory of Nyssa in the fourth century A.D.

St. Gregory, educated in the prevailing Greek philosophical system, yearned to synthesize his faith and his philosophy. Struggling with the issue of resurrection, he followed Plato's example and dramatized the interior workings of his mind in dialogue form, which his elder sister St. Macrina plays in the role of teacher. The position which Gregory and Macrina eventually reach in On the Soul and Resurection corresponds to that of St. Paul, in that our bodies will rise again as bodies, but in a finer and more glorious form than we have now. Expressing this belief in terms of Greek silence, the dialogue assumes that the same physical elements which compose our present bodies must be reassembled in our resurrection bodies; otherwise our bodies would be recreated rather than raised.

About the Popular Patristics Series
The Popular Patristics series published by St. Vladimir's Seminary Press provides readable and accurate translations of a broad range of early Christian literature to a wide audience--from students of Christian history to lay Christians reading for spiritu7al benefit.

Recognized Patristic scholars provide short but comprehensive and clear introductory essays according to their specializations for each volume.

Texts include classics of Christian literature, thematic volumes, homily collections, letters, spiritual guidance, and poetical works from a wide variety geographical contexts and historical backgrounds. The purpose of the series is to mine the riches of the early church and to make these invaluable writings available to all.

Presence & Thought: An Essay on the Religious Philosophy of Gregory of NyssaPresence & Thought: An Essay on the Religious Philosophy of Gregory of Nyssa
Hans Urs von Balthasar
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Von Balthasar presents one of the few serious studies available on the thought of one of the most important, and yet most neglected Fathers of the Church, Gregory of Nyssa. He was the most profound Greek philosopher of the Christian era, a mystic and an incomparable poet whom St. Maximus designated as the "Universal Doctor" and the Second Council of Nicaea declared him "Father of Fathers."

Less prolific than Origen, less cultivated than Gregory Nazianzen, less practical than Basil, Gregory of Nyssa nonetheless outstrips them all in the profundity of his thought, for he knew better than anyone how to transpose ideas inwardly from the spiritual heritage of ancient Greece into a Christian mode. Paperback.

Gregory of Nyssa: The Life of Moses (Classics of Western Spirituality)Gregory of Nyssa: The Life of Moses (Classics of Western Spirituality)
J. Gregory of Nyssa
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Gregory of Nyssa, one of the Greek Cappadocian Fathers,was considered one of the great spiritual leaders of the 4th century. Gregory's THE LIFE OF MOSES reflects his "spiritual sense" of the scriprtures. He maintained that the ultimate purpose of the Bible was not its historical teachings but it capacity for elevating the soul to God. Gregory saw the totality of the spiritual life as a continual growth for straining ahead, as in the words of St. Paul, "Forgetting the past, I strain for what is still to come." Gregory frames an immensely significant synthesis of the earlier Hellenistic and Jewish traditions in this work. He describes the spiritual ascent as taking place in three stages, symbolized by the Lord's revelation of Himself to Moses, first in light, then in the cloud, and finally, in the dark.

From Glory to Glory: Mystical TextsFrom Glory to Glory: Mystical Texts
Gregory Of Nyssa
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The life of Gregory of Nyssa was one of successive, sharply marked stages. He was born in Cappadocia, around the year 330, into a family that was exceptionally Christian. This collection of the spirtual writings of St Gregory of Nyssa, selected and introduced by Jean Danielou, has long been recognized as an authoritative introduction to the "father of mysticism", who exploded classical antiquity's static understanding of perfection by showing the Christian life as one of never-ending growth, a true dynamic movement "from glory to glory".

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