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The Key to the Missionary Problem The Key to the Missionary Problem
Andrew Murray
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Although written as a response to the Missions Conference of 1901, its summons to action for missions is as burning and contemporary as when first issed. The Key to the Missionary Problem is a book of great intensity, which sounds forth a rousing and solemn call to new activity, fresh consecration and more abundant prayer for the cause of missions. Andrew Murray deals intelligently, knowledgeably, and spiritually with the improtant issues of missions set their historical perspective and in the context of the Church worldwide.


A Mind for MissionsA Mind for Missions
Paul Borthwick
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When starving children with bloated bellies appear on the nightly news, are you tempted to change channels? You're not alone. Borthwick presents 10 building blocks for sensitizing believers to the needs beyond our borders, and for sharpening our global vision. You'll find plenty of practical, ready-to-use ideas to promote involvement---prayer, giving, lifestyle choices, and more. 167 pages, softcover from NavPress.

The Power of PrayerThe Power of Prayer
R.A. Torrey
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The Power of Prayer is the classic handbook on tapping the unlimited power of God. It discusses the freedom,peace, and security available though communication with God and answers common questions about prayer: How to pray? Who can pray? Why pray? What interferes with prayers? What can prayer do for a person. No other book so clearly outlines the positives of prayer, the prerequisites to prayer, the purpose of prayer, or the power of prayer.




A Layman Looks at the Lord's PrayerA Layman Looks at the Lord's Prayer
W. Phillip Keller
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Next to the 23rd Psalm, perhaps the most beloved and certainly the best-known passage in Scripture is the Lord's prayer. The profound, eternal concepts compressed into its few, concise phrases shine with enduring brilliance. But despite its brevity, it has been an enormous benefit to many. In this book W. Phillip Keller, author of A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23, shares what The Lord's Prayer means to him.

The Practice of the Presence of GodThe Practice of the Presence of God
Brother Lawrence
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Three hundred years ago, an uneducated lay cook in a French monastery discovered how to enjoy a profound awareness of God moment by moment, even in the midst of busyness and distraction. This book reveals Brother Lawrence's secrets. Brimming with wisdom and spiritual insight, this classic memoir of the devotional life witnesses to the joy available to all who will seek Him.

Waiting on GodWaiting on God
Andrew Murray
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How often the "busyness" of life can creep up and overwhelm us. Rather than depending upon our own strength, as Christians it is our privileged birthright to enter into a daily time of reverent meditation and silence, waiting only upon God for: His answers to our problems, His direction in our lives, and, most importantly, His awesome presence refreshing our spirits and teaching us more about Himself.

Andrew Murray shares thirty-one heartfelt meditations, one for each day of the month, to help renew our vision and quicken our desire to turn to the Lord for His quiet, peaceful strength.

The Lord's PrayerThe Lord's Prayer
Thomas Watson
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The Lord's Prayer makes and ideal guide to Christian doctrine and practice and also serves as a wonderful introduction to Puritan literature. Watson analyses in detail the Preface to the prayer and the six petitions which it contains. His treatment of the words "thy kingdon come" is exceptional full, illuminating and stirring. Like all great books on prayer it provides practical help because it concentrates on bibical instruction.

With Christ in the School of PrayerWith Christ in the School of Prayer
Andrew Murray
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Immerse yourself in this timeless classic and prepare yourself for one of the most vital ministries believers can experience---intercessory prayer! Using Jesus' teaching on prayer as a model, Murray begins at the elementary level and leads you step by step through 31 lessons to the heights of faith-empowered prayer.

The Kneeling ChristianThe Kneeling Christian
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Prayer, although an essential ingredient of the Christian experience, remains mysterious and foreign to many Christians. REalizing this, a well-known, but anonymous, Christian wrote this volume to teach Christians about the power available to them through prayer. According to The Kneeling Christian, all real growth in the spiritual life--all victory over temptation, all confidence and peace in the presence of difficulties and dangers, all repose of spirit in times of great disappointment of loss, all habitual communion with God--depends upon the practice of secret prayer.



The Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions- Gift Edition, black bonded leatherThe Valley of Vision: A Collection of Puritan Prayers & Devotions- Gift Edition, black bonded leather
Arthur Bennett
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Draw upon the inspiration of the elegant prayers of such Puritans as John Bunyan, Isaac Watts, David Brainerd, Augustus Toplady, and Charles Spurgeon. The Valley of Vision has been prepared not to simply supply Christians with prayers, but to prompt and encourage them as they walk upon the path of others who've gone before them. You'll relish the elegance of these writings as they transport you to the heavenly throne of grace. Topics include redemption and reconciliation, holy aspirations, penitence, and more.

Elegant gift edition in cabra bonded leather with gold stamping and gilt-edged pages. This edition opens with a presentation page and includes a satin ribbon page marker. Type is set in classic 12/14 point Adobe Caslon, on fine quality paper. May be imprinted.



Spurgeon's Sermons on PrayerSpurgeon's Sermons on Prayer
Charles H. Spurgeon
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Now you can read clearly what the Prince of Preachers had to say about connecting with God! Reset in easy-to-read type and reader-friendly format, this collection of Spurgeon's messages shows how he focused on the very personal act of praying and its impact; and also features examples of prayer in Scripture. 504 pages, hardcover from Hendrickson.

How to PrayHow to Pray
R.A. Torrey
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Penned in 1900, Torrey's timeless classic has guided generations of new (and seasoned) believers into a richer, more effective prayer life. With chapters like "The Importance of Prayer," "Obeying and Praying," "Abiding in Christ," and "When to Pray," it provides Scripture-based lessons on maintaining a devotional and worshipful lifestyle. Updated for the modern reader, words, expressions, and sentence structure have been revised for clarity and readability.


Prayer 101: Experiencing the Heart of GodPrayer 101: Experiencing the Heart of God
Warren W. Wiersbe
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According to Warren Wiersbe, "prayer is serious business." Here, in this easy-to-read book, Wiersbe covers the fundamentals of prayer with pastoral wisdom and humor. With chapters such as "He Done Prayed My Hot Dog Cold" and "Don't Wrestle in Prayer - Just Believe," the first "semester" looks at popular, routine prayer statements and why they are dangerous. The second semester teaches you how to pray more effectively. The third semester addresses the obstacles to answered prayer. Prayer 101 finishes with developing the discipline of praying. If your prayer life is dull or needs refining or refreshing, Prayer 101 can bring your prayer life to a new level!

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