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Alpha Course Director's HandbookAlpha Course Director's Handbook
Nicky Gumbel
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If you are a director of an Alpha course then this handbook details everything you need to lead the Alpha course curriculum. It contains three main sections: 1) planning; 2) Preperation; 3) administration during the course. There are timetables for each section with checklists to help you, and blank forms you may wish to use. Full of practical help on areas from managing the task force to organizing the weekend away, this guide will leave you fully equipped to administer your course.




The Large Print Alpha Course Small Group Leader's GuideThe Large Print Alpha Course Small Group Leader's Guide

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Team training is vital to the success of an Alpha Course. The three sessions contained in this manual are:
  • Leading small groups
  • Pastoral Care
  • Praying for Others

This manual is for all leaders and helpers on the Alpha Course. It includes suggested questions for the small groups each week and key Bible verses.

This guide is designed to be used with The Alpha Small Group leaders' Training DVD.

Life Worth Living Leader's Guide, revisedLife Worth Living Leader's Guide, revised

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Alpha Military: Leader's GuideAlpha Military: Leader's Guide
Nicky Gumbel

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Today, the Alpha course is successfully running in each branch of the armed forces, both at home and overseas, including battlefield deployments. This handbook is designed to help military chaplains and other military personnel make their Alpha course as effective as possible in the military base where they are working, and on deployment. It has been written using the experience gained by chaplains and course leaders in the military from around the world.


El Curso Alpha: Entrenamiento P/L&#237deres de Grupos Peq.  (Alpha Course Small Leader's Training), DVDEl Curso Alpha: Entrenamiento P/Líderes de Grupos Peq. (Alpha Course Small Leader's Training), DVD
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Este recurso entrenará su equipo de líderes para ser líderes efectivos del Curso Alpha. Es altamente recomendado que los líderes y ayudantes de los grupos pequeños vean estas sesiones de entrenamiento antes de comenzar cada curso Alpha. Incluye:
  • Dirigiendo Grupos Pequeños (84 minutos)
  • Cuidado Pastoral (65 minutos)
  • Orando los Unos por los Otros (67 minutos)
Cada sesión también incluye una sección con preguntas y respuestas.

This resource will train your leadership team to be effective leaders of the Alpha course. It is highly recommended that small group leaders and helpers watch these three training sessions prior to the start of each Alpha course. Included are:
  • Leading Small Groups (84 mins)
  • Pastoral Care (65 mins)
  • Praying for Others (67 mins)
Also included are a common question and answer section after each talk.

Alpha CookbookAlpha Cookbook
Nicky Gumbel
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The Alpha Cookbook helps you create delicious meals for large groups and small groups too. This unique cookbook is filled with tasty recipes contributed by churches who have hosted Alpha courses. They share from their experiences in putting together meals for groups from 10 to 100. The book will become a dependable tool for creating memorable meals for groups of all sizes.


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