Something That Lasts Discussion Questons: By James David Jordan

1. David was aware that he was being tempted, but believed that he was strong enough to resist. Why did he fail to resist?

2. What can we learn from David's experience that can help us resist temptation in our lives?

3. Sarah also seemed to know that her husband was being tempted. Was there anything that she could or should have done differently that might have made a difference? If so, what?

4. David's fall hit Jack so hard that it took decades for him even to consider forgiving his father. Why did David's actions have such a devastating impact on Jack?

5. Sarah struggled with her anger toward David but ultimately was able to forgive him. Yet she could never bring herself to allow him to come back. Why do you think she was unable to take that step? Do you believe that she really forgave him -- or, put another way, to truly forgive him, was it necessary for her to take him back?

6. Did you ever begin to root for David? If so, when and why?

7. Do your feelings toward David give you any insight into God's willingness and ability to forgive any sin, no matter how grave?

8. Katie handled Jack's behavior much differently than Sarah handled David's. Whose approach did you prefer, and why?

9. Baseball played a significant role in the book, but it is not a book about baseball. What was the significance of baseball to the plot and to the underlying message of the book?

10. Water appeared repeatedly in the book - in the form of a creek, a pond, and David's dream of a stormy sea. In each instance a person struggled to keep the water from swallowing him. Did the water represent something else? If so, what?

11. At one point, Jack asked David why, if God really exists, he would allow Patch to die. Did the book provide you with any insight into this question?

12. The author unabashedly contends that Something That Lasts is a book about hope, yet so many bad things happen to the Parst family. How did you feel when you finished reading the book? Why?

13. A story about the prophet Elijah played a role in Jack's reconciliation with his faith. Were you familiar with this Bible story before reading Something That Lasts? What did you take from the story that is applicable to your life?

14. What was the author depicting in the scene near the end of the book, where all three generations of Parst men played catch in the park?

15. What was the author's ultimate point? What is the thing that lasts?

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