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Breathe Into Me written by Jasen Rauch, Anthony Armstrong, Rob Graves, and Jason McArthur
On our own, life can lead us to dark places full of anger, mistakes and regrets. This song is about "falling", finally reaching the end of our rope, where we realize at last ... we need God. The chorus, "Breathe Your life into me", is a desperate cry for help, a plea for renewal, rebirth even resurrection. It's about overcoming wounds and consequences we could never overcome alone.

Let Go written by Jasen Rauch, Rob Graves, and Jason McArthur
"Let Go" is about conquering the temptations even addictions that often control and eat away at us. It's about finding courage to face our weaknesses head on, not just sitting back and doing nothing while our lives fade away. It's about finally breaking the pattern of sin we often fall back into. (Romans 6:12-14)

Already Over and Already Over, Pt. 2 written by Jasen Rauch, Rob Graves, and Jason McArthur
This song has a dual meaning intentionally which is why there are two parts to it. It's about both sides of temptation. On the one hand, it's about how weak we can be as human beings giving into temptations. Often when the first ounce of temptation comes our way, it's "already over" we've already decided to give in. At its worst, it's an addiction controlling us, "suffocating" us, to which we tragically "offer up our souls." On the other hand, this song is about the moment we finally allow Jesus' power to overcome our temptations when we trade the allure of sin for God's righteousness. The moment we finally offer up our souls to Jesus, it's "already over", the darkness fades, our sins are washed away, and we can rest in His peace (as emphasized in Pt. 2). (1 Cor. 10:13)

Lost written by Jasen Rauch, Rob Graves, and Chad Cates
This song ultimately is a love song to God. God's love is so rich, so mysterious, yet so deep that it envelops us to the point where we get lost in Him. (Romans 8:38-39)

Pieces written by Rob Graves
As humans, we often try to survive on our own, apart from God. However, we soon find ourselves despondent, broken and incomplete. "Pieces" is about realizing life doesn't make sense without Him. Only Christ can take the broken "pieces" of our shattered lives, restore us, and make us whole again.

Break Me Down written by Jasen Rauch, Anthony Armstrong, and Rob Graves
This song is about finding our true identity in Christ, which sometimes requires Him to break us down, so He can build us up into who we really should be. (Galatians 2:20)

Wasting Time written by Jasen Rauch, Anthony Armstrong, and Rob Graves
The devil is always looking for ways to attack our hearts and make us feel worthless. This song is about standing strong for our faith in the face of persecution, whether from other people or from the devil himself. They are all just "wasting time." This song is about finally putting our foot down and saying, "Not this time! This time I'm pushing back!" (James 4:7)

Gave It All Away written by Jasen Rauch
This song was written about a friend who walked away from a good relationship into a place of despair. Thankfully, as with the prodigal son, God is always willing to receive us back. (Luke 15:24)

Hide written by Jasen Rauch, Anthony Armstrong, Rob Graves, and Bernie Herms
Inspired by Genesis 3:8, when we feel the guilt of our mistakes, we want to hide away from God just as Adam and Eve did. We don't feel worthy of His mercy. We feel like all is lost. But inside, even in our shame, we know we can never find a love as strong as God's love.

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