Theologians of the Baptist TraditionTheologians of the Baptist Tradition
Timothy George & David S. Dockery, eds.
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Charles Spurgeon, Millard Erickson, W.A. Criswell, and Carl Henry are just a few of the outstanding Baptist thinkers profiled in this profound collection of essays. An invaluable resource for pastors, students, and teachers, it reviews theologians past and present, and ponders the future of Baptist theology. 414 pages, softcover from Broadman & Holman.

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1.    The Future of Baptist Theology - Timothy George
2.    John Gill - Timothy George
3.    Andrew Fuller - Phil Roberts
4.    John L. Dagg - Mark E. Dever
5.    James Petigru Boyce - Timothy George
6.    The Broadus-Robertson Tradition - David S. Dockery
7.    Chaters Haddon Spurgeon - Lewis A. Drummond
8.    Augustus Hopkins Strong - Gregory Alan Thornbury
9.    Benajah Harvey Carroll - James Spivey
10.    Edgar Young Mullins - Fisher Humphreys
11.    Walter Thomas Conner - James Leo Garrett Jr.
12.    Herschel H. Hobbs - David S. Dockery
13.    W. A. Criswell - Paige Patterson
14.    Frank Stagg - Robert B. Sloan Jr.
15.    Carl F. H. Henry - R Albert Mohler Jr.
16.    James Leo Garrett Jr. - Paul A. Basden
17.    Millard J. Erickson - Bradley G. Green
18.    Looking Back, Looking Ahead - David S. Dockery
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