Saxon Grade 6:

Math 76, Fourth Edition, Student TextMath 76, Fourth Edition, Student Text
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Saxon Math 7/6 will help middle-school students gain a solid foundation of algebraic reasoning and geometric skills as they prepare to move on to higher-level math and algebraic reasoning in Saxon 8/7 or Algebra =. It teaches math with a spiral approach, which emphasizes incremental development of new material and continuous review of previously taught concepts.

This Saxon 76 textbook introduces functions and coordinate graphing, integers, exponential expressions, and prime factorization. Students will specifically learn about the order of operations, number lines, decimal place value, how to find the percent of a number, how to round decimal numbers, attributes of geometric solids, and more.

Lessons contain a warm-up (with facts practice, mental math, & problem-solving exercises); introduction to the new concept, lesson practice exercises where the new skill is practiced, and mixed practice exercises, which includes 25-30 old and new problems. In-depth "Investigations" are provided every 10 lessons, and have their own set of questions. The back of the book contains supplemental problems for selected lessons and concepts.

744 indexed pages, softcover. Consumable, non -reproducible workbook. 120 daily lessons, 12 in vestigations, and an illustrated glossary included.


Saxon Math 7/6 is comprised of five instructional components:

  • Warm up Activities including Facts Practice, Mental Math, and Problem Solving
  • Daily Lesson
  • Lesson Practice
  • Cumulative Practice and
  • Cumulative Tests.

    Students will learn:

  • Word problems
  • Functions and coordinate graphing
  • Integers
  • Exponential expressions
  • Divisibility concepts
  • Prime factorization
  • Ratios and proportions
  • Statistics and probability
  • Radius, circumference and pi
  • Complementary and supplementary angles

    Saxon Math 7/6 Third Edition Features:

    Student Textbook

  • Customized for the homeschooling environment
  • Investigations and an Illustrated Glossary
  • 120 Lessons: Each daily lesson includes warm-up activities, teaching of the new concept and practice of new and previous material
  • Two-color format

    Tests and Worksheets Booklet

  • Testing schedule and 23 cumulative tests
  • Worksheets for one student for one year, including Facts Practice Tests and Activity Sheets
  • Various Recording Forms for tracking student progress on assignments and tests

    Solutions Manual

  • Full step-by-step solutions to all lesson and investigation problems
  • Full step-by-step solutions to the 23 cumulative tests
  • Answers to Supplemental Practice Problems and Facts Practice problems


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