Church Purity and Unity: Works of John Owen- Volume XVChurch Purity and Unity: Works of John Owen- Volume XV
John Owen
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According to B. B. Warfield the long hours Edwards spent in his study bore their richest fruit in his sermons. Some of the sixty-two to be found in this volume are historically important, and justly famous. Yet all of them are characterised by a plain, expository style, intense spirituality and an effort to impress on the hearers the reality of God, his grace and his wrath. His doctrine is all application, 'Rabbi' Duncan once said of Edwards, and his application all doctrine.

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A Discourse Concerning Liturgies and Their Imposition
Prefatory notes by the Editor
Chapter I The state of the Judaical Church
Chapter II The disciples of Christ taken into his own disposal
Chapter III Of the Lord’s prayer, and what may be concluded from thense as to the invention and imposition of liturgies in the public worship God
Chapter IV:   Of worship of God by the apostles
Chapter V:   The practice of the churches in the first three centuries as to forms of public worship
Chapter VI:   The pretended antiquity of liturgies disproved
Chapter VII: The question stated
Chapter VIII: Of the authority needful for the constituting and ordering of anthing that is to have relation to God and his worship
Chapter IX:   Argument second
Chapter X:  Other considerations about the imposition of liturgies

A Discourse Concerning Evangelical Love, Church Peace, and Unity
Prefatory Note by the Editor
Chapter I Complaints of want of love and unito among Christians
Chapter II Commendations of love and unity
Chapter III Nature of the catholic church
Chapter IV Want of love and unity among Christians justly complained of
Chapter V Grounds and reasons of noncomformity

An Inquiry into the Original, Nature Institution, Power, Order, and Communion of Evangelical Churches
Prefatory Note by the Editor
To the Reader
The Preface: An Examination of the general principles of Dr. Stillingfleet’s Book of Unreasonableness of Separation
Chapter I: Of the original of churches
Chapter II: The especial original of evangelical church-state
Chapter III: The continuation of a church-state and of churches unto the end of the world
Chapter IV: The especial nature of the gospel church-state appointed by Christ
Chapter V: The state of the first churches after the apostles
Chapter VI: Congregational churches alone suited unto the ends of Christ in the institution of his church
Chapter VII No other church-state of divine institution
Chapter VIII The duty of believers to join themselves in church-order
Chapter IX The continuation of a church-state and of the administration of evangelical ordinances of worship briefly vindicated
Chapter X What sort of churches the disciples of Christ may and ought to join themselves unto as un entire communion
Chapter XI Of conformity and communion in parochial assemblies
Chapter XII Of schism

An Answer to dr. Stillingfleets Book of the Unreasonableness of Separation
Section I
Section II
Section III

A Brief Instruction in the Worship of God and Discipline of the Churches of the New Testament
Prefatory Note by the Editor
A Short Catechism:  with an Explication upon the same