True and False Religion: Works of John Owen- Volume XIVTrue and False Religion: Works of John Owen- Volume XIV
John Owen
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The year following the Restoration of Charles II, a Franciscan Friar, by the name of John Vincent Cane, published fiat lux, a plausible attempt to recommend Roman Catholicism as the remedy for the ills of religious and civil discord in Britan.

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Animadversions on a Treatise Entitled “Fiat Lux”
Prefatory Note to the Editor
To the Reader
I. Our author’s preface, and his method
II. Heathen pleas-General principles
III. Motive, matter, and method of our author’s book
IV. Contests about religion and reformation, schoolmen etc
V. Obscurity of God, etc
VI. Scripture vindicated
VII. Use of reason
VIII. Jews’ objections
IX. Protestant pleas
X. Scripture, and new principles
XI. Story of  religion
XII. Reformation
XIII. Popish contradictions
XIV. Mass
XV. Blessed Virgin
XVI. Images
XVII. Latin service
XVIII. Communion
XIX. Saints
XX. Purgatory
XXI. Pope
XXII. Popery

A Vindication of the Animadversions on “Fiat Lux”
Prefatory Note by the Editory
To the Reader
I. An answer to the preface or introduction of the reply to the “Animadversions
II. Vindication of the first chapter of the “animadversions”
III. A defence of the second chapter
IV. Farther vindication of the second chapter
V. Other principles of “Fiat Lux” re-examined
VI. Farther vindication of the second chapter
VII. Unity of faith, wherein it consists
VIII. Principles of Papists
IX. Proposals from protestant principles tending unto morderation and unity
X. Farther vindication of the second chapter
XI. Judicious readers
XII. False suppositions, causing false and absurd consequences
XIII. Faith and charity of Roman Catholics
XIV. Of reason—Jews’ objection against Christ
XV. Please of prelate Protestants
XVI. The power assigned by Papists and Protestants unto kings in matters ecclesiastical
XVII. Scripture—Story of the progress and declension of religion vindicated
XVIII. Reformation of religion
XIX. Of preaching—The mass, and the sacrifice of it
XX. Of the blessed Virgin
XXI. Images—Doctrine of the council of Trent
XXII. Of Latin service
XXIII. Communion
XXIV. Hereoes

The Church of Rome No Safe Guide
Prefatory Note by the Editor
The Church of Rome no Safe Guide

Some Considerations about Union Among Protestants
Prefatory Note by the Editor
Some Considerations

A Brief and Impartial Account of the Nature of the Protestant Religion
Prefatory Note by the Editor
The State and Fate of the Protestant Religion