Sin and Grace Works of John Owen- Volume VIISin and Grace Works of John Owen- Volume VII
John Owen
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John Owen was born in England in 1616. Of all his achievements, he is best known for his writings. These cover the range of doctrinal, ecclesiastical and practical subjects. They are characterized by profundity, thoroughness and, consequently, authority. Andrew Thomson said that Owen 'makes you feel when he has reached the end of his subject, that he has also exhausted it'. Although many of his works were called forth by the particular needs of his own day, they all have a uniform quality of timelessness. Owen's works wre republished in full in the nineteenth century. The value of this new series of reprints derives from the author's position as the greatest British theologian of all time. Contents of this volume: The Nature and Causes of Apostasy, Spiritual-Mindedness, and The Dominion of Sin and Grace.

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Nature and Causes of Apostasy from the Gospel
Prefatory Note by the Editory
To the Read
  1. The nature of apostasy from the gospel declared
  2. Partial apostasy from the gospel
  3. Apostasy from the mystery, truth, or doctrine of the gospel
  4. The reasons and causes of apostasy from the truth of doctrine of the gospel
  5. Darkness and ignorance another cause of apostasy
  6. Pride and vanity of mind, sloth, and negligence, love of this world, causes of apostasy
  7. Instance of a peculiar defection from the truth of the gospel
  8. Apostasy from the holiness of the gospel
  9. Apostasy into profaneness and sensuality of life
  10. Other causes and occasions of the decay of holiness
  11. Apostasy from evangelical worship
  12. Inferences from the foregoing discourses
  13. Directions to avoid the power of a prevailing apostasy
The Grace and Duty Being Spiritually Minded
Prefatory Note by the Editor
Part I
  1. The words of the text explained
  2. A particular account of the nature of this grace and duty of being spiritually minded
  3. Outward means and occasions of such thoughts of spiritual thing as do not prove men to be spiritually minded
  4. Other evidences of thoughts about spiritual things arising from an internal principle of grace
  5. The objects of spiritual thoughts, or what they are conversant about
  6. Directions unto the exercise of our thoughts on things above, things future, invisble and eternal
  7. Especial objects of spiritual thoughts on the glorious state of heave and what belong thereunto
  8. Spiritual thoughts of God himself
  9. What of God, or in God we are to think any meditate upon
  10. Sundry things tendered unto such as complain that they know not how

Part II

  1. The seat of spiritual mindedness in the affections
  2. What is required in and unto our affections that they may be spiritul
  3. The work of the renovation of our affections
  4. The second differences between affections spiritually renewed and those which have been only changed by light and conviction
  5. Delight of believers in the holy institution of divine worship
  6. Assimilation unto things heavenly and spiritual in affections spiritually renewed
  7. Decays in spiritual affections with the causes of danger of them
  8. The state of spiritual affections
  9. The true notion and consideration of spiritual and heavenly things
  10. The application of the soul unto spiritual objects
  11. Spiritual mindedness life and peace
A Treatise of the Dominion of Sin and Grace
Prefatory Note by the Editor
To the serious reader
  1. What sin is consistent with the state of grace and what not
  2. The inquiries for understanding the text proposed
  3. The second inquiry spoken to
  4. Hardness of heart spoken to as an eminent sign of sinís dominion
  5. The third inquiry handled, namely
  6. The practical observations drawn from and application made of the whole text.