The Holy Spirit: Works of John Owen- Volume IIIThe Holy Spirit: Works of John Owen- Volume III
John Owen
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Despite his other achievements, John Owen is best famed for his writings. These cover the range of doctrinal, ecclesiastical and practical subjects. They are characterized by profundity, thoroughness and, consequestly, authority. Andrew Thomson said that Owen 'makes you feel when he has reached the end of his subject, that he has also exhausted it.' Although many of his works were called forth by the particular needs of his own day they all have a uniform quality of timelessness. Owen's works were republished in full in the nineteenth century. Owen is surely the Prince of the Puritans. 'To master his works,' says Spurgeon, 'is to be a profound theologian.'

This book is divided into five sections. The first deals with the name, nature, personality, and the mission of the Holy Spirit; the second, with the operations of the Holy Spirit under the Old Testament; the third, with the Spirit's work under the New Testament; the fourth, with the work of the Spirit in sanctification; and the fifth, with the necessity of holiness and obedience.


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A Discourse Concerning the Holy Spirit
Prefatory Note by the Editor
To the Reader
Book I
I. General Principles Concerning the Holy Spirit and His Work
II. The Name and Titles of the Holy Spirit
III. Divine Nature and Personality of the Holy Spirit Proved and Vindicated
IV. Peculiar Works of the Holy Spirit in the First or Old Creation
V. Way and Manner of the Divine Dispensation of the Holy Spirit
Book II
I. Peculiar Operations of the Holy Spirit Under the Old Testament
II. General Dispensation of the Holy Spirit with Respect unto the New Creation
III. Work of the Holy Spirit with unto the Head of the New Creation
IV. Work of the Holy Spirit in and on the Human Nature of Christ
V. The General Work of the Holy Spirit in the New Creation with Respect unto the members of that Body whereof Christ is the Head
Book III
I. Work of the Holy Spirit in the New Creation by Regeneration
II. Works of the Holy Spirit Preparatory unto Regeneration
III. Corruption or Depravation of the Mind by Sin
IV. Life and Death, Natural and Spiritual Compared
V. The Nature Causes and Means of Regeneration
VI. The Manner of Conversion Explained in the Instance of Augustine
Book IV
I. The Nature of Sanctification and Gospels Holiness Explained
II. II.  Sanctification, a Progressive Work
III. Believers the Only Object of Sanctification and Subject of Gospel Holiness
IV. The Defilement of Sin where in Consists with its Purification
V. The Filth of Sin purged by the Spirit and Blood of Christ
VI. The Positive Work of the Spirit in the Sanctification of the Believers
VII. Of the Acts and Duties of Holiness
VIII. Mortification of Sin, the Nature and Causes of It
Book V
I. Necessity of Holiness from the Consideration of the Nature of God
II. Eternal Election a Cause of and Motive unto Holiness
III. Holiness Necessary from the Commands of God
IV. Necesity of Holiness from Godís Send Jesus Christ
V. Necessity of Holiness from Our Condition in the World