Ted Dekker
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Imagine answering your cell phone to hear a stranger's voice issuing a chilling threat: You have three minutes to confess your sin, or he'll blow your car to smithereens. You pull over and flee just in time---but the threats keep coming. What "sin" is he talking about? How will you escape? An unputdownable thriller! 400 pages, softcover from W.

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On his way home Kevin’s cell phone rings. Not your ordinary interruption. This ring triggers a thriller that will have you exceeding the speed reading limit. You’ll be in a rush to intercept the malevolent intent that is hidden deep in what appears to be an innocuous riddle. But it is anything but innocuous. You’ll comb each interchange as to clues of the voice’s identity. You’ll suspect everyone and no one. Questions will ferment in your mind concerning the seminary professor’s statement, “Evil is beyond the reach of no man.” You’ll begin to doubt each hypothesis and be confirmed in your conclusions only to find that things could be very different, very different indeed. Could it be the knife-tattooed boy from Kevin’s past, or the riddle killer who has been terrorizing a Long Beach community? Or are they one and the same? Just when you think you know, you begin to wonder if it is the one you would least suspect---the girl who freed him from his bedroom where the window was screwed shut? Or might it even be the boy’s foster mother, Aunt Belinda, who lived in her own edited world of “reality”? One thing’s for sure: This book will keep you up late gathering clues like a desperate detective. It will as well have you playing the theologian contemplating the intricate idiosyncrasies of evil. And in the end you will be surprised, very surprised. -william