Hot Flashes & Cold CreamHot Flashes & Cold Cream
Diann Hunt
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Midlife isn't a crisis for Maggie Hayden until a former classmate fails to recognize her. With an empty nest, a sagging body, and a sputtering marital spark, she knows she has to do something. But what? Will Maggie trust God to renew her inwardly---day by day---even while she's "wasting away" on the outside? 320 pages, softcover from WestBow.


 Hot Flashes & Cold Cream Discussion Questions: by Diann Hunt


1. Maggie's life was changing, and she wasn't ready for it. Have you experienced some changes in your life for which you were unprepared? How did you handle them? What might have been a better way to handle them?



2. What happens to our bodies physically can affect us in many ways. When we are sick, our reactions may be different than when we feel good. What can we do to prepare our hearts for the days when we don't feel our best, but we still want to show Christian love to others?



3. To Maggie it seemed that when the kids moved out, the wrinkles moved in. Do you get discouraged with your outer appearance and stock your shelves with expensive creams that never work--or have you learned to take care of your body as best you can and accept the changes that come with age?



4. Maggie turned to cosmetics, exercise, and clothes to meet her physical needs. Not that those things are bad, but she soon found that what she needed went deeper than her gray hair. Have there been times in your life when you trusted in other things besides God to meet your needs? Did those things satisfy?



5. Maggie had plenty of menopausal moments. What's your favorite menopausal moment--where at the time you might have been mortified but now when you look back, you can laugh?



6. Gordon was Maggie's rock during the upheaval of her life, but she couldn't see it. Do you appreciate the stable influences in your life? Do you tell them so?



7. Not wanting to face her loneliness, Maggie left the quiet of her home and went to the coffee shop daily to write in her journal and reveal her heart to God. How do you spend your time of thoughtful reflection and prayer? Where do you go? Do you view alone time as a good thing or does it emphasize your loneliness?



8. Maggie experienced anxieties that sometimes caused her to blow things out of proportion--to the point of hiding in a bush! Have you taken matters into your own hands instead of trusting God with life's issues? If so, can you think of ways in which you might have handled things differently than you did?



9. Have you ever had a friend like Lily who you trust completely, but who you worry about? How have you learned to trust that friend and her future to the Lord?



10. When Maggie was upset, she drank mochas or indulged in chocolate. What do you do when you're upset?



11. Do you struggle with your attitude sometimes like Maggie did? Are there times when a positive attitude might have caused you to react in a different way to an event than you did?



12. When Maggie felt alone or unneeded, she would go shopping or call Lily--anything to keep her mind off of what was bothering her. She soon found out that only God could ease the ache in her heart. Do you have a pain that only God can heal? Have you taken it to Him? Will you?



13. Maggie was so caught up in her own problems she almost failed to see the pain Jade was going through. Think about the people around you. Is there someone who is waiting on you to notice her need? Ask God to show you how to reach out to her.



14. Ultimately, Maggie saw the need to put things in proper perspective. She learned to keep God first in her life, and she learned that life is a journey, a point in time where she had been called to make a difference in her corner of the world. Is God first place in your life? Have you learned that there is more to your day than Hot Flashes & Cold Cream, that each moment is a journey meant to be savored and shared with others? Ask God to help you, and trust Him that together, you can make a difference!




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