Rekindled Discussion Questions: Tamera Alexander


1. In the first chapter of Rekindled, we get a glimpse of Larson and Kathryn and their marital relationship. Is their love for each other founded on a stable foundation? What are their character strengths and weaknesses? What are some areas in which they each need to grow? And do you think the challenges they faced in their marriage are common or uncommon?



2. During Larson’s healing, he often wondered why God had allowed him to live. Have you ever wondered why God has led you through certain circumstances in your life? Sometimes we get answers here in this life, but most times we don’t. Can you think of a specific time when you have “walked through fire”? And if yes, has God chosen to reveal the “why” of your having walked that path? What good came from that painful experience—either to you and/or to others?



3. The things that happened to Larson as a young boy were horrific—and happen all too often in real life. When faced with such things, many wonder where God is, why He doesn’t protect His children. Scripture tells us God is all-powerful and all-knowing. It talks about God’s loving-kindness, His compassion and mercy, His love of children. It tells us God is love. So why doesn’t He stop terrible things from happening? How do you reconcile God’s character as it’s revealed in Scripture with the fact that horrible things happen to the innocent?



4. A pair of “unlikely outcasts” nurture Larson back to healing. What did you think about Isaiah and Abby? Their marriage? Their faith? What are some of the sacrifices they made for Larson? And can you recall lessons that Larson learned from being in their care and from observing them on a daily basis?



5. Instead of turning to God, people often search for security in other places. Where did Kathryn first seek to find her security? Where did Larson first seek to find his worth? Do you ever search for tangible security “aside from” God? Have you ever trusted in something—or someone—instead of putting your full trust in God, and how can this thwart God’s ultimate plan of being Jehovah Jireh—your Provider?




6. Isaiah tells Larson, “…every person’s been hurt and has wounds. Some scars are just easier to see than others. The outward scars aren’t what determine what a man will become. It’s the inward scars that can keep a man from living the life God intended.” Do you, or someone you know, have inward scars that you carry inside? Scars that are keeping you from living the life that God intended? Discuss how our past can not only be overcome, but how God can use that for His glory and our eternal good, if we are willing.



7. To which character in Rekindled did you relate the most? What was it about that character that spoke to you?



8. During the course of the story, Kathryn wishes she could “turn back the clock and relive every moment of those years—both the good and the bad—with Larson again.” Have you ever wished your way through a phase of life only to look back and wish you could do it all over again? What can we learn from Kathryn’s regrets?



9. Kathryn bore a certain “guilt by association” because of her friendship with Annabelle. As Christians we’re called to avoid even the hint of sexual immorality, and yet we’re called to be friends to sinners. How do we live out this dichotomy?



10. When Larson returned, he misunderstood Kathryn’s living situation and what she was doing. What can this teach us about making swift judgments about people? Or about making decisions based on first impressions alone? Have you ever had to reverse an opinion about someone once you’ve gotten to know them better?



11. Gabriel (Gabe) was an integral character in both Larson and Kathryn’s lives. What lessons did Larson and Kathryn learn through Gabe’s influence on their lives? And is there a particular attribute about Gabe that you connected with?



12. Eventually, Larson reaches the place where he’s able to let go of the bitterness in his heart. Even when he believes that another man has fathered Kathryn’s baby, he’s brought to a point of reconciliation with the situation. What was the key factor in his being able to do this? Read Matthew 6:14–15; Luke 6:37; and Colossians 3:13 and discuss how the truths within these scriptures influenced Larson’s motivation.



13. In Chapter 20, Kathryn is speaking with “Jacob” about her marriage with Larson. She says, “Time passes, and you almost forget what it was that you wanted at the outset [of marriage]. Then it almost feels selfish to ask for something more when you’re not even certain there’s something more to be had…” Sometimes it’s hard to be completely honest. Have you ever been in a relationship where you haven’t been completely honest about your feelings and/or desires? Why weren’t you more honest? Considering the differences between men and women and how we communicate, are there steps you can take in your marriage (or dating relationship) to help facilitate a more honest environment?



14. What enabled Larson (Jacob) and Kathryn to have a deeper relationship with each other the second time around?



15. Larson was forced to face his greatest fear in the story’s culmination. What are some examples of fears that have kept you from acting on dreams you have for your life? What does the Bible say about fear?




Revealed, Fountain Creek Chronicles Series #2
Revealed, Fountain Creek Chronicles Series #2
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