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As the edition to the title shows, Craig Keener's The Gospel of Matthew is now a part of the widely successful "Socio-Rhetorical" series by Ben Witherington. With an added addendum called "Matthew and Greco-Roman Rhetoric" this latest addition keeps the same historical and social focus that so defined it at its initial publication. Now available in paper back, it remains firmly built on impeccable and exhaustive research that is combined with insightful analysis of the text and its meaning. This commentary will prove useful for years to come and is in many ways the current standard in Matthean commentary.More...

This commentary to present an exposition of the Fourth Gospel as the Christian Church adopted it. Among other things, this means that it proceeds from the canonical form in which the Gospel has come down to us from ancient times-taking into account the text-critical problems with which the multiplicity of manuscripts and textual witnesses confront us. The author is especially interested in presenting a theological exegesis of the Gospel and dealing with the significance of the gospel message that the Evangelist had in view as he wrote.


The Acts of the Apostles breaks fresh ground in providing a detailed social and rhetorical analysis of the book of Acts. This commentary interacts with the scholarly discussion found in the various excursions in the book , draws on the best new insights from a number of disciplines (narrative studies of Luke-Acts, archaeological and social scientific study of the New Testament, rhetorical analysis of Acts, comparative studies in ancient historiography) to provide the reader with the benefits of recent innovative ways of analyzing the text of Acts.More...

One of the classic works of the Reformation. It was Luther's wrestling with the writings of Paul that led to his breakthrough insight of "justification by faith," where the sinner comes to rely on Christ's merits, not his own. Exegesis that has changed the course of history.More...

Intended audience: laypeople, pastors, scholars. Original languages: Greek words occasionally appear in Greek script; Hebrew words appear in transliteration. C. K. Barrett is emeritus professor of Divinity at the University of Durham, England, and Vice President of the British and Foreign Bible Society. His commentary is one of the "standards" on 2 Corinthians. Note: Black's New Testament Commentaries are the same as Harper's New Testament Commentaries.More...

In this commentary, Tom Wright captures the verve and sparkle of the prison letters. Paul wrote the letters while in prison facing possible death, but their passion and energy are undimmed. They reveal Paul's longing to see young churches grow in faith and understanding rooted in Jesus himself, and to see this faith worked out in practice, in one case, through the rehabilitation of a runaway slave. Wright's stimulating comments are combined with his own translation of the Bible text.More...

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