Caleb & KateCaleb & Kate
Cindy Martinusen-Coloma
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Rich and pampered, Kate has everything. But when her family moves to the Pacific Northwest, her life changes completely. She meets rough Caleb, and even though they have nothing in common, she's attracted to him. When Caleb decides Kate has something he needs, can she prove that's not who she really is? Ages 12 to 16. 288 pages, softcover from Nelson.


 Caleb + Kate Discussion Questions: by Cindy Martinusen



1.  Do you believe in true love? What does that mean to you?



2.  Are there people in your life who display the kind of love you hope to find?



3.  What are some of your favorite love stories in movies or fairytales?



4.  Do you think people can fall in love as quickly as Caleb and Kate did?



5.  Do you know people who have held grudges or been unable to forgive something for years and years? How has that shaped who they've become?



6.  When Kate works on her poem at Starbucks, what does she realize about the nature of love and of God?



7.  Elaine describes love as "death" and Kate finds new meaning in "God is love." How do you describe love?



8.  If you believed there was a "Caleb" out there for you, how would that change your dating life?



9.  How did Kate change from how she wished for love to remain safe from the outside "mundane" world to her being happy to have their love in the details of life (at the airport)? What are the challenges every kind of love faces in the real world?



10.  Do you think Caleb and Kate's love will last forever?




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