Messianic Prophecy - General

The Messiah in the Old TestamentThe Messiah in the Old Testament
Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
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Beginning in the Pentateuch and working through the Old Testament to the Minor Prophets, the author delineates texts that are direct messianic prophecies and examines their meaning and development within the flow of God's plan. The reader will gain an understanding of God's process for bringing the Messiah to earth through the nation of Israel, and of his intent to bring the saving knowledge of Christ to the world through them.
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  Messianic Prophecy - Isaiah

The Fifth Gospel: Isaiah in the History of ChristianityThe Fifth Gospel: Isaiah in the History of Christianity
John F.A. Sawyer

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There is currently much interest in the history of interpretation, reader-response and the sociology of sacred texts--in what the text does as much as what it means. Isaiah 'more evangelist than prophet' according to Jerome and others, provides an ideal case study, because of his profound influence on the language and imagery of Christianity. With illustrations from art, music, literatureand the media as well as commentaries, sermons and official churhc pronouncements, Professor Sawyer shows how Isaiah has been used in all kinds of context, from the cult of the Virgin Mary, mediaeval passion iconography and antisemitic propaganda to Christian feminism and liberation theology. This first attempt at a comprehensive critical study of an essential part of biblical interpretation will provide a model for further research, and ensure that commentaries will never be the same again.
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  Messianic Prophecy - Ezekiel

Ezekiel, Geneva Commentary SeriesEzekiel, Geneva Commentary Series
William Greenhill
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This commentary constitutes one of the foremost of Puritan works in Old Testament exposition. Delivered to crowded congregations in the city of London, the content is popular and in the best of 17th century tradition of experimental preaching which spoke to heart and conscience as well as the mind. It would be too much to say that Greenhill provides everything necessary for an understanding of this prophet but what he does give surely justified two nineteenth-century editions. It is the best of these editions (James Nichol, 1863) which is here reprinted.
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Messianic Prophecy - Daniel

Daniel, Geneva Commentary SeriesDaniel, Geneva Commentary Series
John Calvin
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Calvin writes from a reformed point of view, giving detailed commentary on the theological issues dealt with in the book. His work takes into account the historical and linguistic issues relevant to the study of Daniel. He discusses various interpretations of the book and its prophecies but does not try to give definitive interpretations of his own. This is a well informed book very valuable to anyone interested in Calvin and his thoughts or good Reformed exegesis. This volume has been reprinted from the Calvin Translation Society two volume edition of 1852-1853, edited by Thomas Myers.

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  Messianic Prophecy - Zechariah

Zechariah: Reformed Expository Commentary [REC]Zechariah: Reformed Expository Commentary [REC]
Richard D. Phillips
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In Zechariah, Richard D. Phillips shows how the book of Zechariah records the prophetic message given to the community that had returned to Jerusalem after the Babylonian exile and charged them with rebuilding the temple and city. He explains that the physical return was meant to prompt a spiritual and theological return to faith in the Lord, and that Zechariah called the people to such a true return and reassured them of the Lord's willingness to receive them and restore to them the promised blessings. Phillips illuminates Zechariah as a book whose eschatological perspective is of special value to Christians today who labor for reformation and long for revival.

About The Reformed Expository Commentary Series:

The Reformed Expository Commentary focuses on the English rendering of the biblical text, and thus does not address concerns of the original language nor academic technicalities. Rather, proceeding section-by-section it focuses on the narrative flow of the biblical book, while drawing out significant points or theological emphases in the text, and then applies them to the daily life of the Christian.

br/>The various points addressed range between historical events taking place within a books narrative, or upon significant doctrinal statements that are made. The application or "guidance" section as the series calls it rounds out each of the particular emphases from the text making it a complete expository volume. Each commentary approaches the text from a Reformed theological perspective, and can be used profitably for either study or devotion.

Major Perspectives:

  • Scripture: Inerrant & Revealed
  • Theology: Traditional/Conservative Reformed
  • Wider Tradition: Protestant/Evangelical
  • Audience: Pastors/Laity
  • Uses: Scripture Study, General Reading, Devotional

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