The Gospel Code  Audiobook on CDThe Gospel Code Audiobook on CD
Ben Witherington III
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Dan Brown's international bestseller The Da Vinci Code has raised many questions in the minds of readers. Was Jesus really married to Mary Magdalene? Did he father a child with her? Do the Gnostic Gospels represent the true Christian faith which the early church sought to supplant? Ben Witherington III confronts these claims with the sure-footedness of a New Testament scholar, yet in the plain language that any interested reader can follow. He takes us back to the early centuries after Jesus' death and tells us what we can really know about Jesus, Mary Magdalene, the canonical Gospels and their Gnostic rivals. Narrated by Grover Gardner, this audio CD runs 6 hours on 5 CD's.


Cracking Da Vinci's Code                       - Audiobook on MP3 CD-ROMCracking Da Vinci's Code - Audiobook on MP3 CD-ROM
James L. Garlow, Peter Jones
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The controversy grows with every sale of the bestselling novel. Throughout the contemporary fictional storyline of The Da Vinci Code, author Dan Brown skillfully weaves historical assertions intended to shake the very foundations of Christianity. Cracking Da Vinci's Code is the long-awaited answer to the questions presented in Dan Brown's novel. Authors James L. Garlow and Peter Jones present compelling evidence that BrownÂ’s assertions are not only historically inaccurate, but may also contain a hidden agenda.




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Forbidden Faith: The Secret History of Gnosticism to The Da Vinci Code

The Gospel According to Dan Brown
CBD Price: $14.36

Who were the Gnostics and where did they come from? Why do their ideas keep reappearing throughout history? Forbidden Faith is the first comprehensive popular history of Gnosticism, a secretive tradition that has survived for centuries in many forms and under many names. Here Richard Smoley provides the enduring story and continuing legacy of those errant faithful who have had direct experiences of the divine that can't be explained by the official beliefs of the Church.

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Mary of Magdala: What the Da Vinci Code Misses

Mary of Magdala: What the Da Vinci Code Misses
CBD Price: $13.46

The publication of Dan Brown's controversial and bestselling novel, The Da Vinci Code, brought to life a spirited debate concerning Mary of Magdalene's true role in the life of Jesus. Who was the real Mary of Magdala? A devoted disciple of Christ or perhaps even a prostitute? Mary of Magdala, now revised with a new introduction, is a fascinating examination of the actual written accounts referring to Mary. Mary Thompson examines the issues raised in The Da Vinci Code exploring the many fallacies in the novel while presenting clear and compelling evidence that Mary of Magdala indeed played an important role in the early church as disciple, leader, and apostle.