Hannah's Hope Discussion Questions: by Karen Kingsbury


1. What were your thoughts on Hannah’s relationship with her parents at the beginning of the book?



2. Have you or someone you know put your children in a boarding school? Describe the experience.



3. Describe Hannah’s personality. Why was she so determined to find her father?



4. Describe the character of Mike Conner. Did you like him? Why or why not?



5. How was it evident that Mike Conner cherished his short time with his daughter?



6. What led him to serve in the military?



7. Describe your relationship with someone in the military. What circumstances led them to enlist?



8. What did you learn about the military through this book?



9. Why did Hannah’s mother leave Mike Conner? Do you think she regretted that decision? Why, or why not?



10. What did Hannah’s mother learn about her daughter? What did Hannah learn about her mother?



11. Describe your relationship with your parents. What event in your life helped to illustrate those relationships?



12. How can you help someone in the military where they’ll appreciate it? How can you help minister to their families?





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