Troublesome Creek, Troublesome Creek Series #1Troublesome Creek, Troublesome Creek Series #1
Jan Watson
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Interview, Excerpt

Born and raised in the hills of Kentucky, Laura "Copper" Grace thinks nothing could drag her off her beloved mountain. But when her stepmother threatens to send her away to boarding school, Copper faces losing all that's precious to her. Will she discover the true meaning of "home"---and God's plans for her life? 300 pages, softcover from Tyndale.
Troublesome Creek Discussion Questions by Jan Watson

1. Troublesome Creek is a work of historical fiction. Do you often choose this genre? If so why?

2. Julie’s unwed pregnancy set the stage for her estrangement from her sister Grace. How are unmarried mothers viewed differently today?

3. Granny believed in “signs.” How do you feel about foreshadowing? Is it scriptural?

4. Both Will and Grace blamed themselves for Julie’s death. How were they at fault, if at all?

5. Why was Grace so reserved? Why was she so hard on Copper?

6. How did her stepmother’s expectations help to shape the young woman Copper was to become?

7. Have you ever known a social outcast like Remy? Did this person make you uncomfortable? Did you befriend them?

8. The snake handling service was a pivotal point in Copper Brown’s life. Do you believe God would cause a serpent to bite Daniel in order to answer Grace’s prayer to get Laura Grace off the mountain?

9. What did you think of John Pelfrey? Should Copper have married him?

10. How would Copper’s life be different if she had married her childhood friend?

11. Was it realistic that Will would leave the mountains to please his wife? Do you think Grace would finally be happy if they moved?

12. In this book the eastern Kentucky mountains becomes almost a central character. Have you ever loved a place as much as Copper loved her home? How did you feel if you had to leave it?

13. Copper was very young to be married. Why was that so easily accepted in those times?

14. How would your life be different if you lived in the 1880’s. Would you like to? What modern convenience would you most miss?

15. Do you look forward to the next book in this “Romance of Life” series?

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