My Life As a Doormat, Women of Faith Series #12My Life As a Doormat, Women of Faith Series #12
Rene Gutteridge
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Playwright Leah Townsend's career is careening downhill when her boyfriend, after a minor argument, has the nerve to enroll her in a "conflict resolution" class. Enter annoying radio host "Cinco" Dublin and sparks begin to fly. How can a habitual people-pleaser find happiness with a man who thrives on controversy? 320 pages, softcover from WestBow.

 My Life as a Doormat Discussion Questions: by Rene' Gutteridge


1. What was your first impression of Leah Townsend?



2. What do you think Edward’s motivations are in life?



3. Why do you think Leah had such a hard time telling Edward how she really felt?



4. What do you think were the aspects of Leah’s mother’s personality that molded Leah into the person she is?



5. How much do you think other people help shape us and our views? How much of it is our personality? How much of it is our circumstances?



6. What areas of your own life do you feel you’re a doormat? What areas do you feel you have an easier time standing up for?



7. If a person you loved as much as Leah loved her father told you to pick between him or her and the person you love, what would you do?



8. How did you feel about Cinco? Did you like him? Do you know people like him, and if so, how do you relate to them?



9. What did you think was the funniest passage in the book?



10. What did you think was the saddest passage in the book?



11. Did you ever feel angry with Leah? If so, why?



12. Which character could you most relate to in the book?



13. Which character could you least relate to?



14. If you have felt like a doormat in your life, what were your motivations for letting someone else run over you?



15. Discuss the balance between Jesus’ teachings about how we should relate to one another, and the idea of standing up for oneself. Can they co-exist?




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