When Jesus Wept, The Jerusalem Chronicles Series #1When Jesus Wept, The Jerusalem Chronicles Series #1
Bodie Thoene, Brock Thoene
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When Jesus Wept by bestselling authors Bodie and Brock Thoene, unfolds the turbulent times in Judea during Jesus' ministry, centering on the friendship between Jesus and Lazarus. With rich insights from vineyard owners and vine dressers, the Thoenes explore the metaphor of Jesus as the True Vine, harvesting the ancient secrets found in the Old Testament.


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Brock and Bodie Thoene

Highly acclaimed, bestselling authors, Brock and Bodie Thoene have captured eight Gold Medallion Awards, and have sold well over twenty million copies of their books worldwide which include the epic A.D. Chronicles Series, The Zion Covenant Series, The Zion Legacy Series, The Shiloh Legacy Series, The Legends of the West Series, and Galway Chronicles Series. And now they introduce  their newest series based on Jesus, The Jerusalem Chronicles Series.  They met at the tender age of three and were married at 19. They are best friends, co-authors and happily reside in Nevada and California.

Bodie Thoenes' Favorite Verse: Psalms 37:3-5 Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and enjoy safe pasture.  Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to the Lord; trust in Him and He will do this. 

Brock Thoene's Favorite Verse: Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.


 Christianbook.com Interview with Brock & Bodie Thoene


What a stunning cover!
What can we say? Robin Hanley…www.robinhanley.com …is a world famous inspirational artist, and we are truly blessed she allows us to use her art in our book covers

You have been passionately devoted to writing biblical/historical fiction for many years. What was the genesis of your interest in writing biblical fiction?

We have always loved history and the stories of people of faith dealing with tough times. Writing about the life of Jesus was only possible when we had written 40 other historical novels, and studied his era for years, preparing ourselves for the task

How much of the The Jerusalem Chronicles Series comes from your background and experience?

Making Lazarus a vineyard owner and a wine maker comes from the area of California where we grew up. The metaphor of Jesus saying, “I am the vine and you are the branches,” is much more powerful than people know.

How much research did The Jerusalem Chronicles Series take?
Literally years, because When Jesus Wept is our 17th novel about the life and times of Jesus. Everything we’ve learned up to now has gone into making this the best yet.

How much of the story is factual information?

The history is, as always, as accurate as we can possibly make it. We want the people among whom Jesus lived to live and breathe for the reader.

What are the most interesting facts that you learned while researching and writing The Jerusalem Chronicles Series?
We were struck by the fact…recorded in scripture, but not really focused on by us before…that Lazarus was also a target for assassination, as was Jesus. Think about it: the most powerful witness to Jesus’ claim to be Messiah is that he brought someone back to life. And Lazarus was not an unknown, but a recognizable public figure. And not in far-off Galilee, but near to Jerusalem, a thriving metropolitan city of half a million or more inhabitants.

What other new writing projects do you have on the horizon?

We’re completing book 2 of the Jerusalem Chronicles. Take this Cup focuses on moving the story forward from Palm Sunday to the Last Supper.

What message would you like your readers to take from reading the When Jesus Wept?

We learned so much from the metaphor about the vine! Grapevines don’t produce superior fruit unless they have to struggle to yield a crop. Vines don’t grow strong; they don’t make wines with character, unless their roots have to stretch to reach the water!


What organizations are you involved with?
We love and support YWAM…Youth with a Mission, and IFCJ, the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews, and Prison Fellowship and CUFI, Christians United for Israel, and the ministry to supply books and Bibles to prisons and the US military: Shiloh Light Foundation

What are some of the challenges you face as an author?

When writing about Jesus (or any real, historical figure, but most especially when writing about Jesus) we feel a huge sense of responsibility to ‘get it right.’

Who is the person who most influences your writing?


What aspects of being a writer do you enjoy the most?

We always learn more than we can possibly share in a novel! We can’t stop the story telling to teach, so we always end up the most blessed of any reader. (Which is also why we created the Little Books of Why…non-fiction works that let us share more of the details from our research)

What do you do to get away from it all?

Horseback riding

What were your favorite stories as a child?

Bodie says: Black Stallion and the Black Beauty novels

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

We often say: “Everything means something.” In the context of scripture, it means that we want our readers to go back to their Bibles and read the stories with a fresh, attentive approach. There is so much more we can and should learn if we will just dig a little deeper.


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