Black Sands, Aloha Reef Series #2Black Sands, Aloha Reef Series #2
Colleen Coble
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Leilani Silva, a quiet, studious mouse of a girl, has always been content to bask in the glow of her more flamboyant brother and sister, and to assist her father in his volcano research. Leilani does, however, have a secret crush on Mano Ohana, though he's never noticed her. Her devotion turns to disdain after a mistake by Mano kills her beloved brother. But when her younger, more beautiful sister goes missing, she's forced to turn to her former love--now her sworn enemy--for help. Mano Ohana believed he had made a fateful mistake that cold night--a mistake that cost the life of his best friend, Kale Silva. But the night before he is to bring Kale's belongings to his family, Mano discovers nothing is what is seems: His friend is still alive! And he's in trouble! And this trouble could spill over to the rest of the Silva family--and the entire Hawaiian islands.
Black Sands DiscussionQuestions: by Colleen Coble

1. Annie is the type of person who thinks she has to take care of everything and everyone. What are the pitfalls of feeling that way? Have you have felt everything depended on you?

2. Mano hated to admit weakness of any kind. Why do we think we have to put on a front and not share with others where weíre weak? How can we overcome this tendency?

3. Have you ever been afraid of something like Annie feared the lava? What did you do to overcome it? If you havenít overcome it, what should you do?

4. Weíre taught to honor our parents. Did Annie take that to the extreme? Why or why not?

5. The ancient Hawaiians had human sacrifices to their gods. While we no longer commit such atrocities, we sometimes sacrifice our loved ones to our own desires. Sometimes it can even be good things that take our focus. Can you think of ways we put ourselves and our desires ahead of our loved ones the way Noah did?

6. Leilaniís reacted to her motherís death differently than Annie. Why do you think she rebelled? Is there anything Annie or her father could have done to help her?

7. Which member of the Tagama family took advantage of Annie the most? Did it make you mad at that person or at Annie for allowing it?

8. Annieís real beauty was her serving nature and strong character. Why do we put so much emphasis on outer beauty?

9. There are several facets to Tomiís fascination with the Iranian girl. Do you think Tomi really loved Afsoon? Why or why not?

10. Fawn was a good friend to Annie and told her the truth even when she knew it would be hard for Annie to hear. Are you that kind of friend or do you tend to not want to ruffle the waters?

11. Mano was drawn to Annieís family when it was going through its best times before her mother died. Why do you think the motherís death altered the family structure so much?

12. In spite of the way Mano disapproved of Tomiís treatment of his family, they remained friends and he loved Tomi in spite of his faults. Is there someone in your life that used to be a friend but the friendship is now broken? Why? How can you fix it?

13. Kim Aki had a second chance to start over but wound up in illegal activities again. Why is it so hard to start over and change bad habits? What bad habit do you wish you could break?

14. What was the villainís main motive? Did you understand it? How should the villain have handled the adversity life brought?

15. Is there someone in your life you need to forgive?

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