Families on Mission is a book of fun family activity ideas that will help parents teach their preschoolers how to love, share, and care about others. Parents today must compete with many other influences that shape their preschool child's life. That's why it is important for parents to begin early to teach Christian values and beliefs to their child.

Packed with creative ideas, this book will help parents discover ways to involve their preschoolers in ministry activities designed just for their small hands. These creative projects and activities, which are easy to do and require few resources, create family models for praying for others, helping others, and becoming active in the community.


Angie Quantrell is a full-time author of preschool materials. Her work includes three books for preschool teachers, three books for preschoolers, and hundreds of articles. She has taught preschoolers and kindergartners in the public school system, but recently became a home school mother. Angie lives in Wapato, Washington, with her family - Pastor Kevin, son Taylor, and daughter Chelsie. She enjoys the wild antics of her cat, Annabelle, and the silly things preschoolers say. Angie loves life and growing closer to her Jesus every day.