Thin Enough: My Spiritual Journey Through the Living Death of an Eating DisorderThin Enough: My Spiritual Journey Through the Living Death of an Eating Disorder
Sheryle Cruise
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Some 95% of eating disorder sufferers are girls between the ages of 12 and 25. The teen and college years are a crucial time for girls, when positive or negative views about their bodies often become manifest.

Written to eating disorder sufferers who are at this critical age, this book provides hope that, through faith and trust in God, they too can rise above the living death of eating disorders and arise as Godís daughters, full of life and with a promising future.

The author tells her personal story of struggling with and defeating her eating disorder. She shares about her overweight childhood, her family-directed diets, the thrilling sense of control she got when she lost weight, and her spiral into anorexia and bulimia. When she left home to go to college, she looked forward to being on her own but fell into even more destructive eating behaviors. After she was confronted by her loved ones and hospitalized, she began the recovery process that led to the day when she could at last eat a normal meal and feel that it was okay. She highlights her relationship with God and the security that eating disorder sufferers can find in God as their loving Father, the one who created them and loves them as they are.

Each chapter includes a prayer for the sufferer, asking Godís help. This book will help sufferers feel less alone, see the extreme results of uninterrupted eating disorders, understand and correct their wrong thinking, and learn to connect with and trust God while they are moving toward recovery.


Sheryle Cruse began her journey through eating disorders when she went on her first diet as an overweight 7-year-old. She suffered through anorexia, bulimia, and yo-yo dieting until she was an 80-pound, 5'4" 19-year-old. After an intervention, hospitilization, and recovery, Sheryle had run the full gamut of eating dosorder experience. Now a poet who lives in Portland, Oregon, she writes of the spiritual significance of eating disorders as a way of ministering to other sufferers. Her poems have been published in several journals and newsletters. She also has written several dramatic pieces that have been performed in churches and theaters in her area.