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Lutherans Today: American Lutheran Identity in the  Twenty-First CenturyLutherans Today: American Lutheran Identity in the Twenty-First Century
Richard Cimino, editor
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This volume examines one of the church's largest denominations, its place in the current landscape of American Christianity, and the directions in which it is heading in the new millennium. Lutherans Today presents new and original research on the many challenges that Lutherans face in maintaining their identity in twenty-first-century pluralistic society at large. Chapters chronicle various movements and groups impacting American Lutheranism and offer predictions concerning issues and aspects of church life that promise to reshape the communion in the years ahead.

Church and State: Lutheran PerspectivesChurch and State: Lutheran Perspectives

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A Graceful Life: Lutheran Spirituality for TodayA Graceful Life: Lutheran Spirituality for Today
Bradley Hanson

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The author says, "I understand spirituality as the attitudes, convictions, and practices that give a definite shape to religious faith. Spirituality is experiential and practical, for it concerns the specific forms by which faith is expressed and nutured." The book describes the special emphases of Lutheran spirituality and reccommends practices that nuture a vital spirituality. After an introductory chapter on the contemporary context, each of the seven chapters explores a major theme of Lutheran spiritualilty. A final chapter speculates on the future of Lutheran spirituality. Each chapter includes questions for reflection and group and individual practices. An Appendix gives suggestions for group use.

Fortress Introduction to the Lutheran ConfessionsFortress Introduction to the Lutheran Confessions
Scott H. Hendrix
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Despite their near-scriptural status, the Lutheran Confessions are not widely used in Lutheran circles because their presentation has been too heavy and forbidding. Geared specifically for today's classroom and parish use, this accessible introductory text incorporates the latest historical research and includes sections on contemporary Lutheranism and discussion questions.

Confirmation Engaging Lutheran Foundations and PracticesConfirmation Engaging Lutheran Foundations and Practices
Margaret A. Krych

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This book is alive...alive with a vibrancy of excitement about ministry with youth and, above all, confirmation ministry. This is a book that is theoretical and practical, paying attention to the variety of contemporary practices in congregations and yet holding a solid continuity with the past heritage of the church. It answers questions such as, What's happening in congregational confirmation ministry today? Why do we have confirmation? What is it? How might we think about confirmation ministry in our own congregation?



A New Look at the Lutheran ConfessionA New Look at the Lutheran Confession
Holsten Fagerberg

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Concepts basic to Reformation theology are seen from a new perspective in this book by Holsten Fagerberg, noted Swedish theologian. The author deals with Reformation theology in terms of its historical context and its relevance for taday's theological scene. Concordia Publishing House, 320 pages. Paperback.

Lutheran Worship-Little AgendaLutheran Worship-Little Agenda

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This small book is the agenda for conducting a Lutheran service. Symbols are included to facilitate for those who participate in the rites.


Studies in Lutheran DoctrineStudies in Lutheran Doctrine
Paul Keller
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This is a workbook/study guide designed to prepare people for confirmation in the Lutheran Church. It is also a helpful resource and reference for all Lutherans, explaining many aspects of Lutheran doctrine. Concordia Publishing House, 130 pages. Paperback.

Lutherans in North America- The. (rev. ed.)Lutherans in North America- The. (rev. ed.)
Clifford Nelson

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This book gives today's Lutherans a sense of heritage, identity and continuity, a sense of self-understanding. Readers will see themselves as part of a family. They can identify with the struggles, hopes, and frustrations of wave after wave of immigrants adapting to the strange new world of America and at the same time trying to preserve all they had known and loved and brought with them from the homeland. The genius of the entire volume is that it points beyond family memories to an ongoing and continuing life of which we and our children are a living part.

Life Among the LutheransLife Among the Lutherans
Garrison Keillor
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Based on Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon monologues, Life Among the Lutherans is a collection of stories about the struggles of ordinary people in an imperfect world, the life and work of the pastor who leads them, and the church to whose high standards they aspire in the small town they call home.

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