Growing Up Christian: Have You Taken Over Ownership of Your Relationship with God?Growing Up Christian: Have You Taken Over Ownership of Your Relationship with God?
Karl Graustein, Mark Jacobsen
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Do you know teens that appeared to be Christians in high school, but later walked away from their faith? Young Christians that party on Saturday night and put on their Sunday best for church the next morning? High school students that are attracted to the values and practices of the world? This book is a unique resource that addresses the many issues that challenge teens growing up in a Christian environment. Packed full of practical suggestions, this book will help teens overcome these dangers and grow in their faith and love for God. Youth ministers, teachers, and parents will find here a helpful resource to use with 15 to 18 year olds.

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"Growing Up Christian will provide a shot of encouragement to those uncounted teens who have grown up immersed in Christianity. Graustein articulately engages his readers to consider whether they have really taken possession of that which they profess. He then provides strong scriptural support and encouragement in the development and pursuit of living a fruitful and joyous Christian life."

–Ken Smitherman, President
Association of Christian Schools International

"Karl's love for God's word and for young adults is evident on every page. He wants to see them transformed by Jesus Christ's finished work on the cross—not merely living off the religion of their dad and mom. I encourage parents and their teens to read this book together."

–Joshua Harris, pastor
Author of I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Sex is Not the Problem (Lust Is)

"Growing Up Christian is a great book. Karl Graustein gets it! He understands the pitfalls and dangers that track with the rich privilege of growing up in a Christian home. He addresses all the standard temptations; getting ensnared by sin, presuming oneself to be saved, craving for popularity. In winsome, “kid friendly” ways he turns the reader to knowing God, knowing the Bible, solid theology, fellowship with others. This book has a look and feel that young people will appreciate. Much of the teaching is found in engaging interactive text boxes that will make this book a small group leader’s dream. I look forward to seeing this book used in the church I serve."

–Tedd Tripp, pastor
Author of Shepherding a Child’s Heart
Conference speaker

“With much attention paid to converts, teens who grow up in the church sometimes feel like second-class citizens in their own home towns. This book can help them to count their blessings and pray for more.”

–Marvin Olasky, editor-in-chief of World Magazine

“If you’ve found yourself saying, ‘My testimony isn’t very exciting. I grew up in a Christian home,’ then Growing Up Christian is just the thing to help you see how your Christian upbringing is an asset not a liability. The book’s wise teachings and compelling stories will affirm your faith, strengthen your resolve, and equip you for culture-shaping leadership.”

–Jeff Myers, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Bryan College
President, Myers Institute, LLC
Managing Director, Passing the Baton International, Inc.