Simple Choices Discussion Questions: Nancy Mehl


1. Did Gracie make a mistake when she took Hannah to Wichita? Explain your answer.



2. Should Abel and Emily have allowed her to go? Do you think they should feel any responsibility for Hannah’s reaction? Why?


3. Why do you think Hannah felt so drawn to Wichita? What was she really looking for?



4. Papa Joe’s family decides that the best way to deal with the confusion caused by Alzheimer’s disease is to go along with his delusions rather than to correct him. Do you agree with this? Why or why not?



5. Have you ever known anyone stricken with Alzheimer’s? Was the portrayal of Papa Joe similar to your experience? How was it similar? How was it different?



6. Sam and Sweetie have a hard time accepting Pat into their family. Do you think their concerns about Pat are fair? Do you understand their resistance at first? Why or why not?



7. What did you think about the social worker who came to Harmony? Do you think her reaction to the Mennonite citizens of Harmony was justified? At first, do you think she was actually concerned about Hannah’s welfare or was she operating out of prejudice?



8. Sarah Ketterling and John Keystone tried to stay away from each other because of the differences in their beliefs. Was this the right thing to do? Why or why not? How did you feel about the way the relationship ended?



9. Why did Abigail Bradley adopt the Conservative Mennonite lifestyle? Were her motives right? Why or why not?



10. If she had made different choices, do you think her life would have turned out differently? If yes, how?



11. What was the most important message you took away from Simple Choices?




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