The Beach House Discussion Questions by Sally John


1. Reaching age 40 can be one of life’s major turning points. Four old friends meet in San Diego to celebrate their fortieth year. Why does Jo initiate the reunion?



2. How does Andie approach the meeting? How does Molly? How does Char?



3. Why were Jo, Andie, and Molly disappointed in their birthdays?



4. What happens on Char’s birthday? How is she affected by events?



5. What is a turning point you’ve faced in your life? How did it affect you? Were you changed by it? What did you learn from it?



6. In what ways is the beach house like a character?



7. Is there a place – manmade or natural – that significantly affects you? How?



8. Where was each woman in her faith walk at the beginning of the story? Where are they by the end?



9. Did you identify with one of the women? In what ways?



10. How do the friends influence each other?



11. Have you lost touch with a significant friend who was a good influence on you? Can you imagine reuniting? What roadblocks stand in the way?



12. How do Julian and Zeke offer insight to the women? Do strangers ever affect your point of view? How so?



13. What corners do the women push themselves out from? How have you faced a fear and pushed yourself from a corner?



14. The verse “Let be then and learn that I am God” particularly affects Molly. In what ways do they all “let go” an area of life?



15. What areas of life have you or would you like to “let go and let God?” What does this verse mean to you? How does one let go?




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