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Dr. Haddon Robinson is the Harold John Ockengea Distinguished Professor of Preaching at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and one of the senior statesmen of evangelical preaching.

Prior to joining Gordon-Conwell, Dr. Robinson had served 12 years (1979-1991) as President of Denver Conservative Baptist Seminary in Denver, CO.

Dr. Robinson's Biblical Preaching has taught two generations of preachers how to explain, illustrate and apply the biblical text. Moreover, his more recent It's All in How You Tell It and The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching have enabled preachers to both sharpen their skills and expand the homiletical horizons of their preaching.

Dr. Robinson is also the co-host of Discover the Word, a daily radio program that is heard on thousands of Christian stations throughout the world, and the editor of Dr. Robinson and his wife Bonnie have been blessed with two children and two grandchildren. They make their home in New England.

The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching: A Comprehensive Resource for Today's CommunicatorsThe Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching: A Comprehensive Resource for Today's Communicators
Haddon W. Robinson
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The Art and Craft of Biblical Preaching promises to be the most comprehensive encyclopedia of preaching in print. This volume includes 11 major sections and almost 200 articles that will focus on topics such as developing the "Big Idea," preaching narrative texts, designing effective transitions and preaching with passion. Take this opportunity to let evangelical luminaries such as Andy Stanley, John Piper and Haddon Robinson provide you with resources you will need to preach the Word!


It's All in How You Tell It: Preaching First-Person Expository MessagesIt's All in How You Tell It: Preaching First-Person Expository Messages
Haddon W. Robinson, Torrey W. Robinson
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Description: God's Word is full of drama---so why preach it using ho-hum 3-point outlines? This father-and-son team equips you with the tools to engage your listeners with adrenaline-pumping, unforgettable sermons. Learn how to structure narrative sermons, exegete Bible texts for a first-person approach, retell stories from the characters' viewpoints, dramatically portray biblical figures, and more. 144 pages, softcover from Baker.

What Jesus Said About Successful LivingWhat Jesus Said About Successful Living
Haddon W. Robinson
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Through a careful, fascinating study of Mathhew 5, 6, and 7, Haddon W. Robinson shows what Christ taught in the Sermon on the Mount and why these life-changing principles are the way to true happiness. WHAT JESUS SAID ABOUT SUCCESSFUL LIVING was originally published in two volumes: THE CHRISTIAN SALT & LIGHT COMPANY and THE SOLID ROCK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.

Decision-Making by the Book: How to Choose Wisely in  an Age of OptionsDecision-Making by the Book: How to Choose Wisely in an Age of Options
Haddon W. Robinson
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Most of us handle life's daily decisions without a second thought. Unfortunately, decision-making doesn't stop there. Regularly, we're faced with larger decisions that confront and confuse us---crucial choices which, once we make them, turn around and make us. It all starts with questions about college and career and marriage, and continues through life with questions about job changes and how many kids and whether or not to go through with the surgery.

Sure, Christians know---or are supposed to know---good from evil. But how are we to decide among one or more nonsinful options? Can we really hope to discover God's perfect will and avoid going down less-than-perfect paths? Or does it even matter in the long run? Haddon Robinson claims no supernatural wisdom when it comes to decision-making as he has struggled with tough choices too. But through years of spiritual leadership, by study and experience, he has learned several biblical principles about decision-making that hold true no matter how difficult the issue. Taking his usual clear-eyed, not-a-word-wasted approach, he shares these guidelines in Decision-Making by the Book.

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