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Luther's Works, Vol. 52: Sermons II [LW]Luther's Works, Vol. 52: Sermons II [LW]
Martin Luther
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Martin Luther observed on one occasion that "the Postil is the very best book I ever wrote". Luther wrote the Postil during his exile on the Wartburg between 1521 and 1522. Intended to provide homiletical material to be used by ministers in the exposition of the gospel, it does not contain actual sermons preached by Luther, but sermon guides, homilies written by him for other preachers. This volume includes selections from the Christmas Postil, specifically sermons on the gospel lessons for Christmas Eve, the Early Christmas Service, the Main Christmas Service, St. Stephen's Day, the Sunday after Christmas, New Year's Day, and the Festival of the Epiphany.



Faith and Freedom: An Invitation to the Writings of Martin LutherFaith and Freedom: An Invitation to the Writings of Martin Luther
Martin Luther
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(PUBVintage)Pithy selections taken from a broad range of Luther's writings---commentaries, treatises, sermons, letters, "table talks," hymns, polemics---introduce you to Protestantism's most exciting thinker. A polyglot and workaholic, Luther reshaped the faith of millions with his astute observations. 388 pages, softcover.


Martin Luther's Christmas BookMartin Luther's Christmas Book
Roland H. Bainton
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The pain of childbirth, a defenseless babe lying in a cold manger, the violent slaughter of innocent children---Luther vividly portrayed the human reality surrounding God's birth on Earth. Featuring 30 excerpts from Luther's Christmas sermons, along with elegant engravings by Durer, Schongauer, and Altdorfer, this gift edition captures the timeless truths of the Christmas story. 72 pages, softcover from Fortress.

Sermons on Gospel of St. John, Vol. 24 (Chapters 14-16)Sermons on Gospel of St. John, Vol. 24 (Chapters 14-16)
Martin Luther

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The sermon contained in this volume show how masterfully Luther employed the cardinal principles of effective preaching. The Reformer expounds Scripture with homespun directness, clarity, and forcefulness. He applies the words of Holy Writ to himself and to his hearers. His sermons abound in vivid and arresting illustrations.Luther gives instruction, reproof, comfort, encouragement, and ertaintly/ He warns against false prophets. His words breathe conviction and intense seriousness. Above all, the great preacher never fails to point to Christ as the one and only Savior from sin and eternal damnation.

Luther's Works, Volume 23: Sermons on the Gospel of St. John Chapters 6-8Luther's Works, Volume 23: Sermons on the Gospel of St. John Chapters 6-8
Martin Luther

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In his sermons on texts from John's Gospel, the Reformer deals lucidly with what the evangelist says about Christ, the Savior of fallen mankind.

Luther lays special stress on what the evangelist states about the Messiah as the one and only Way to salvation and about good works as the inevitable fruits of that faith. The Reformer's discourses are plain, clearcut, and logical. He calls John a master in the doctrine of justification.

The forty-five sermons contained in this volume of the American Edition of Luther's Works were delivered in Wittenberg while the pastor, Johannes Bugenhagen, was in Lubeck to do what he could to eliminate trouble and dissension. Luther's discourses are couched in simpled language. Their forcefulness springs to a large extent from the straightforward and homespun quality of the Reformer's way of speaking. These sermons, translated by Martin H. Bertram, are not constructed in accordance with hard and fast rules; they are discussions that come straight from the shoulder. Furthermore, they are as relevant today as they were when the Reformer delivered them from the pulpit in Wittenberg.

Luther's Works [LW] Volume 22: Sermons on the Gospel of St. John  1-4Luther's Works [LW] Volume 22: Sermons on the Gospel of St. John 1-4
Martin Luther
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The Reformer's discourses on the first four chapters of the Gospel According to St. John come from the heart and go to the heart. They reveal scholarship that penetrates to the core of the Biblical words. At the same time they are couched in language anyone can understand. The reader will find logically constructed expositions founded on a comprehensive knowledge of the Scriptures. What Luther says is always true to the spirit and the letter of the texts. This English edition is intended primarily for the reader whose knowledge of late medieval Latin and sixteenth-century German is too small to permit him to work with Luther in the original languages. Based on the Weimar edition, its texts and helps have formed a basis for this edition, although in certain cases the translator has felt constrained to depart from its readings and findings. Where literal accuracy and clarity have conflicted, clarity has been chosen, so that sometimes paraphrase seemed more faithful than literal fidelity.

Luther's Works [LW], Volume 30: The Catholic EpistlesLuther's Works [LW], Volume 30: The Catholic Epistles
Martin Luther
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The epistles of James, Peter, Jude, and John are commonly called the catholic or general epistles because they were addressed to the church at large rather than to a particular individual or group. This volume contains Luther's expository sermons on 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and Jude, and includes Jakob Propst's compact transcript of the Reformer's lectures on the First Epistle of John. In these sermons and lectures Luther stresses the lasting importance of loyalty to the Word of God, faith in Christ and love for God and one's neighbor.

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