Author Recommendations

If you enjoy materials by Calvin Miller, you may also be interested in products by the authors and artists listed below. Click the "Products" link next to an author's name to run a search for products by that author available at Some authors also have an "Author Profile" link associated with them. Click this link to learn more about the author's works, background, and motivations.

Alan Sears & Craig Osten     Products
Bill Hybels     Products     Author Profile
Brian Fisher     Products
Charles F. Stanley     Products
Craig von Buseck     Products
Dan Kimball     Products
Darren C. Marks     Products
Dave Earley     Products
Dr. David H. McKinley     Products
Ed Cyzewski     Products
Francis Chan, Eugene Peterson, Bill Hybels & Others     Products
Gregory A. Boyd     Products
Henry Gariepy     Products
James Emery White     Products
James W. Sire & Carl Peraino     Products
Jan Johnson     Products
Lee Strobel     Products     Author Profile
Menashe Har-El, Paul Wright & Baruch Sarel     Products
Paul Copan     Products
Philip Graham Ryken     Products
Tracie Peterson     Products     Author Profile
W. Lee Warren, M.D.     Products
Wayne Grudem     Products
Wintley Phipps     Products