Author Recommendations

If you enjoy materials by Calvin Miller, you may also be interested in products by the authors and artists listed below. Click the "Products" link next to an author's name to run a search for products by that author available at Some authors also have an "Author Profile" link associated with them. Click this link to learn more about the author's works, background, and motivations.

Andrew Murray     Products     Author Profile
Andy Stanley     Products     Author Profile
Beth Moore     Products     Author Profile
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Chris Rice     Products     Author Profile
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Colt McCoy & Brad McCoy with Mike Yorkey     Products
Dave & Neta Jackson     Products     Author Profile
David E. Clarke, Ph.D., with William G. Clarke, M.A.     Products
Erin Smalley & Greg Smalley     Products
Eugene H. Peterson     Products
John Stott     Products     Author Profile
Kenneth Richard Samples     Products
Lori Copeland & Virginia Smith     Products
Matt Papa     Products
Michael J. Svigel     Products
O. Henry     Products
Paul Kent     Products
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Ronie Kendig     Products
Rozanne & Randy Frazee     Products
Susan Boyle     Products
Terry Glaspey     Products
Vannetta Chapman     Products