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If you enjoy materials by Millard Erickson, you may also be interested in products by the authors and artists listed below. Click the "Products" link next to an author's name to run a search for products by that author available at Some authors also have an "Author Profile" link associated with them. Click this link to learn more about the author's works, background, and motivations.

A.B. Simpson     Products
A.B. Simpson & James Snyder     Products
Adrian Rogers     Products     Author Profile
Charles C. Ryrie     Products
Cornelius Van Til, edited by K. Scott Oliphint     Products
Craig Blaising, Alan Hultberg & Douglas Moo     Products
Darrell L. Bock     Products
Dean Sherman     Products
Douglas Groothuis     Products
Edited by Stanley M. Horton     Products
Gary R. Collins, Ph.D.     Products
GEORGE Pardington     Products
J. Dwight Pentecost     Products
J. Scott Duvall & J. Danny Hays     Products
J.C. Ryle     Products
Jason C. Meyer     Products
Jay Adams     Products
Jim Badke     Products
Joe Thorn     Products
John S. Dickerson     Products
Josh McDowell & Sean McDowell     Products
Keith Bailey     Products
Kevin DeYoung     Products
Lee Strobel     Products     Author Profile
Norman L. Geisler     Products
Paul Benware     Products
R.C. Sproul     Products
Wayne Grudem & Erik Thoennes     Products